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You need the best team to make the dream !!!!!! 

Here at A&R sport horses we pride ourselves on five star service and offer the production , Training , competition and sales of top quality Sport Horses. We are based in an ideal location on a competitive working yard  in York and our purpose is  to make sure all our horses are fit, well and most importantly happy . 

A&R have an experienced team who are dedicated to the well-being of all the horses in our care.


Our love of horses ....

A&R  Sport Horses are renowned for our knowledge, passion, kindness, professional, practical and realistic approach to producing beautiful horses for competition and for sale .We strive to produce sound, bold,  athletic horses with a willing , generous temperament that will want to work hard for youWe are supported by a fantastic team  across a variety of equestrian disciplines .

 Having had years of experience we have ridden and observed many competition horses and broken and trained countless young horses, we have experienced first hand the importance of a good temperament being possibly the most important founding factor of any horse.


The primary use of horses today is for competition. The need for education and sound knowledge of the increasing variety of athletic equine events is greater than ever. Those employed with A&R Sport Horses have excellent education and practical skills and have an intense knowledge of the disciplines they are working in. We show a kind, sympathetic and consistent approach to the horses education and care.


A&R  Team




Anna Hudson


Ryan Fox


Our Training ....

Although our Training can be physical, that is increasing the capacity for exercise or the ease with which a horse can exercise by increasing muscle strength or muscle endurance. However, not all training is “physical”. When we train horses to jump or to learn new movements this often may not affect the horse physically and the improvement may simply come as a result of the horse “learning” or practicing the skill.

Our Training is repeated episodes or bouts of exercise that have a cumulative effect on our horse’s physical or mental capacity for exercise. Improvement in the physical capacity for exercise is what we call fitness.

A single piece of exercise has very little impact on a horse’s fitness.

It is the combined effect of many repeated exercise sessions that produce a training effect.

We can think of two types of training that we perform with horses. Physical training makes exercise easier for the horse or allows the horse to exercise for longer or allows a horse to run faster or jump higher or further or accelerate faster. These changes come about mainly because with training the locomotory (movement) muscles and the heart (which is also made of a special type of muscle) have a tremendous capacity to change and adapt to repeated bout of exercise.

The other type of training we commonly undertake with horses is focused more on improving skill and modifying behavior.

At A&R Sports Horses when we are Training a horse to load into a trailer or to stand when we mount into the saddle are examples of behavioral training and do not involve any physical changes in the horse’s body. Training a horse to perform dressage movements is primarily skill training but may also have a small physical training component as well. Whilst we are teaching the horse how to perform these movements (the skill training) we may also get some development of the muscles involved in making these movements  (Physical Training).


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You need the best team to make the dream !!!!!!